My Story so far 

The short version

FX TD in love with film and photography, with a heart for color and interests in coding.
Currently at DNEG Montreal.

Professional Experience
  • FX TD – DNEG Montreal
  • FX TD – Cinesite Montreal
  • FX Artist – MPC Montreal
  • FX TD – RiseFX Berlin
  • Compositor – RiseFX Berlin
  • Compositor – Lavalabs GmbH Duesseldorf
  • Compositor – Chimney Berlin
The long version

I’ve been involved with graphic design, photography and filmmaking since ~ 2011. Initially only a hobby, I decided to pursue a degree in Digital Film Arts – Visual Arts at the international film school cologne. My curriculum there included in-depth courses in film history and Media Analysis and allowed me to gain experience working as camera assistant and best boy on professional film sets, which directly helped improve my understanding of visual effects. During my studies I focused on compositing in Nuke (color workflow and pipeline) and FX in Houdini. My interest in pipeline and color workflow led the university to employ me as a student liaison to the IT department, helping with the setup and maintenance of the Vfx departments first renderfarm

After successfully graduating in 2016, I went on to work as a compositor on various feature films (Cpt America – Civil war, Renegades, etc) before making the switch to the FX Department at RiseFX, for Marvel’s Dr Strange.  Having gained valuable insight, I decided to move to Montreal, Canada, where I then went on to work for MPC on a wide range of projects (Alien Covenant, Jumanji, The Mummy, Wonder Woman etc).  During my time there, I was awarded a scholarship from the Fulbright Foundation for Young leadership and academic excellence, allowing me to work towards a masters degree in VFX at the Academy of Art University San Francisco. At AAU I heavily focused on workflow optimization in Houdini, and was also able to take classes in lighting, shading and rendering. Living in San Francisco allowed me to become involved with the Visual Effects Society on a regular basis, introducing me to many of our industry’s sharpest minds. Since then I have returned to Montreal, where I first worked for Cinesite, and after 1 year changed to my current place of Employment, DNEG.

Special Projects

Stay tuned for special projects